Discover: Obscura Hail – Doomer

Melbourne via Wollongong trio Obscura Hail recently released this fuzzy, moody indie-rock track ‘Doomer‘ and it’s their heaviest track yet. ‘Doomer’ is a melancholy track but it’s warm grungy-ness picks the track up a bit. The unusual vocal delivery, especially the use of dual vocals from the middle of the track onwards, really adds a unique, fresh edge to the track. ‘Doomer’ is taken from Obscura Hail’s forthcoming EP ‘Siren’ which is set for release on 18th September 2020.

Speaking of the track, songwriter Sean Conran has said: “The instrumentation is our heaviest yet, to give a voice to the guilt, shame, anger and frustration that comes with feeling powerless. It’s rhetoric is about the purpose of power in the presence of crisis and its roots are in the motivation and awareness given to me by punk songs growing up. Born in the age of information, the Doomer is fatalistic, apathetic, a symptom of the overwhelming awareness of suffering outside of their control.”

Listen to ‘Doomer’ by Obscura Hail below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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