6 Criminally Underrated Bands You Need to Hear This Week! – Part 5

Here’s our firth instalment of six of the most criminally underrated bands who deserve far more attention than they get that you need to hear this week! As usual, I’ve been updating a weekly Spotify playlist including all the bands featured in this feature!

Find your favourite new band below!

Is Bliss

In brief: Is Bliss are a Portsmouth based psych/shoegaze trio and their music is equal parts hypnotic and dreamy, yet colossal.

Latest release: ‘Strange Communication’ (album)

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In brief: DJUNO are a Southampton based indie-rock quintet who create powerful, driven tracks that are incredibly captivating. They’re also a brilliant band live.

Latest release: ‘Ready Now

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In brief: New York based Maybird are very new to us but their track ‘The Story’ hooked us straight away. The band’s sound could be described as catchy psychedelic, indie-rock.

Latest release: ‘Bird Sides

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Wrecked Beach

In brief: Vancouver based Wrecked Beach make mesmerising, psychedelic, garage-rock that is raw and attitude-filled.

Latest release: ‘Eye Tide’ (album)

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Frances & The Majesties

In brief: Frances & The Majesties combine the sounds of 60’s psychedelic rock with garage-rock as well as shoegaze creating a sound that is uniquely theirs and completely mesmerising.

Latest release: ‘Three Dogs

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In brief: California based Tallulah. creates enchanting, melancholy, lo-fi indie-rock that’s refreshingly mellow and gentle.

Latest release: ‘Revert

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