Track of the day #700: Hallan – Modern England

Hallan - Modern EnglandPortsmouth post-punk quartet Hallan are back with their latest single ‘Modern England‘, their first release signed to Nice Swan Records! Once again, Hallan deliver on their poignant but witty lyrics and a memorable, yet simple chorus. There’s an angular, hypnotic riff that saws its way through the track, drawing you in and it never lets up from start to finish. ‘Modern England’ fits absolutely perfectly alongside Hallan’s contemporaries such as Egyptian Blue, Do Nothing and The Murder Capital whilst still managing to sound fresh.

Speaking of the track, Hallan have said: “With so many strange and vapid trends gripping the nation sometimes you have to take it all in and find some humour beneath the surface. Pugs and face changing apps. What’s that all about? And how could we forget Brexit? It’s a good job we all have our red passports. But then again does anyone in the country have a clue what’s ever going on? Maybe it’ll all blow over if I stick to my microwave dinner and keep my eyes on the screen.”

‘Modern England’ by Hallan will also be available on cassette tape via Brutalist Records/Nice Swan Records and will also feature the bands previous two singles ‘Yesterday (with him)‘ and ‘Habit‘. This release was limited to just 50 cassettes plus zine bundles and it sold out in less than 48 hours.

Listen to ‘Modern England’ by Hallan below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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