Instrumental: Walter Mmari – Solace

Solace‘ is the latest piece of beautiful, cinematic instrumental music from South African ambient, electronic artist Walter Mmari. The track starts off somewhat solemnly before building up with hopeful, dashing melodies amongst the contrasting, sombre strings. Towards the middle of ‘Solace’, glistening, twinkling sounds as well as other warm instrumentation add depth and a comforting side to the track.

Speaking of the themes behind the track, Walter Mmari has said: “In our modern world of information overload, it is advisable to find solace. Find solace in music, in religion, in self discovery and in peace. When last did you lose yourself in music and art or in the company of a beautiful stranger? Leave behind the world that has lost it’s appreciation for the little things and find solace in the unexplained miracle of each day. Walk away from the restless souls of this world, and never look back.”

Listen to ‘Solace’ by Walter Mmari below and keep up with him on social media via the following links:

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