Portsmouth Solo Artists You Must Hear This Week – Part Two!

I didn’t expect the response I got to the original post about Portsmouth solo artists you can’t miss that I posted last month and within an hour of posting it, I also realised how many people I’d wrongly missed off the list! So here is part two! A bonus edition consisting of 6 more Portsmouth based solo musicians you shouldn’t be missing out on. Enjoy!

You can also find part one of our Portsmouth solo artists you need to hear here which includes the other 10 artists!

Bella Estelle

In brief: Bella Estelle is a charismatic, local singer-songwriter who makes captivating, powerful pop-tinged rock tracks with arena-sized choruses.

Best track? You and I

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In brief: ΩMAN creates melancholy-tinged, ambient pop which is pleasant, melodic and experimental.

Best track? Hello

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James Laurence

In brief: James Laurence creates charming, lo-fi indie rock music that’s very easy-listening.

Best track? Cameron

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Stanley Powell and the Vibrations

In brief: Stanley Powell and the Vibrations creates dreamy, lo-fi indie-pop with a grunge-y, sometimes experimental edge.

Best track? Celestial Child

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Marley Blandford

In brief: Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marley Blandford makes an exciting blend of pop, soul and folk. He has a brand new album ‘Ephemeral Adventures’ which is set for release on 21st August 2020.

Best track? Rainy Day Over London

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Freaky Gray

In brief: One of the newest artists from Portsmouth across both lists, at least to us anyway! Freaky Gray is a punk musician who creates raw, gritty music that’s to the point, raucous and energetic.

Best track? Bumblebee Motorway

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2 thoughts on “Portsmouth Solo Artists You Must Hear This Week – Part Two!

  • August 5, 2020 at 10:55 pm

    Says who? Where’s the diversity?

    • August 5, 2020 at 11:12 pm

      We’re an indie/alternative music blog and this is a list of 16 Portsmouth based solo artists that I’ve personally enjoyed listening to/seeing live. This was never intended to be a “be all and end all list” and it’s based around artists who fit the styles of music we cover.

      If you’d like to suggest anyone else/have any suggestions on what Portsmouth solo artists I can add to make the list more diverse, then I’m all ears! I’m always open to hearing new music 🙂


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