Track of the day #682: Youth Sector – Hands

Youth Sector - HandsYouth Sector have delivered another slice of jaunty art-pop with their latest track ‘Hands‘ which is taken from their debut EP ‘Mundanity’ that was released yesterday! Despite the EP’s name, Youth Sector are anything but mundane. ‘Hands’ is an upbeat offering that is insanely energetic and it will be sure to get you moving. The track also has a super catchy, funky bassline that weaves its way through the track and vocal parts good enough to sing-along to.

Speaking of their debut EP ‘Mundanity’, Youth Sector’s frontman Nick has said: “At the stage we are all at in our lives, we have flown the nest of university/education and its lovely, reliable structure; and the space we’ve found ourselves in now is one of new responsibilities, day jobs and house moves.”

“The EP reflects feelings, thoughts and ideas that come with the everyday reality we all share at this point in our lives, for instance the somewhat comedic woes of trying to find an affordable house to rent that isn’t falling apart at the seams.”

Listen to ‘Hands’ by Youth Sector below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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