6 Criminally Underrated Bands You Need to Hear This Week! – Part 2

We’re back with our second instalment of criminally underrated bands you need to hear each week! For the next 6 weeks we’re featuring 6 bands that we think deserve far more recognition than they already get. You can find part one here and the playlist which goes alongside this feature here.


In brief: Bristol based post-rock band Haal create brilliantly bleak, experimental tracks with an industrial edge. The band are a recent discovery of ours and only have one track out (as of yet) but we can’t wait to hear more from them.

Latest release: Carmen Jones

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Misha Ostrov

In brief: Misha Ostrov is a brilliant new artist who creates captivating post-punk tracks with hypnotic, angular riffs and a monotonous, spoken-word style vocal delivery.

Latest release: Your Head

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In brief: LibraLibra are one of the most vibrant, dynamic bands from Brighton of the moment and a force to be reckoned with their super-energetic, catchy tunes. The band are definitely one to watch out for live when gigs are back!

Latest release: Lonely Girl

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Mammalia Blue

In brief: Mammalia Blue are one of Portsmouth’s best kept secrets in lo-fi music. The band create laid-back tunes which are both charming and melancholy with intricate, interlocking guitar/bass melodies which shape the bands easy-listening sound.

Latest release: Carpet Wardrobe

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In brief: Currls are a a Brighton based band who create upbeat, indie garage-rock tracks which are both feel good and punchy. The band’s latest single ‘Let Down’ is huge.

Latest release: Let Down

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The Pretty Visitors

In brief: Portsmouth based The Pretty Visitors create raucous blues-tinged, indie-rock with clever, witty lyrics and they’re always a blast live.

Latest release: Mystery Woman

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