Track of the day #678: Dorvin Borman – Everyone Lied

Dorvin Borman - Everyone LiedLos Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Dorvin Borman returned yesterday with his latest reverb-drenched offering, ‘Everyone Lied‘. It’s a fuzzy cut of psych-tinged lo-fi rock which has a dreamy, hypnotic side to it. ‘Everyone Lied’ is a gentle track for the most part with only the harsh beat cutting through the haze.

Speaking of the track, Dorvin Borman has said: “‘Everyone Lied’ is a rugged, frantic track that juxtaposes a dreamy psych pop sound with the paranoia of a not-so-dreamy socio-political climate–one that is engulfed by a rise in fascist sympathising, even from unsuspecting people in one’s life.”

“The narrator feels estranged from those who he grew up with and thought he knew, leaving him with a compulsive desire to constantly abandon his surroundings in search of like-minded people.”

Listen to ‘Everyone Lied’ by Dorvin Borman below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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