7 Southampton Bands You Need to Hear This Week!

Truth be told, I’m not as clued up on the Southampton music scene as I should be, but then again, we are a Portsmouth based blog… This aside, I do know that Southampton has birthed some brilliant upcoming bands/artists who deserve more recognition! I reckon there’s something for everyone on this list, so here are 7 Southampton bands you need to hear this week!


In brief: BASH! are a band who radiate fun via their charismatic, feel-good music as well as their live performance. They’re a vibrant, one of a kind band whose eccentricity sets them apart from the rest.

Best Track? So Brokenhearted

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Mystic Peach

In brief: Psych-grunge trio Mystic Peach create music that’s noisy, raucous which matches their intense, ferocious live performance.

Best Track? The Eye and The Twitch

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In brief: Indie-electro duo Telemarkk create impressive ambient, synth-lead tracks which are mesmerising, dreamy and immersive. Their latest track ‘Stay Up (Wide Awake)’ is a tune and a half.

Best Track? Stay Up (Wide Awake)

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In brief: Noise-makers Happy2000 create heavy punk music which is cathartic, frantic, raw and frantic.

Best Track? Thai Prison

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In brief: Rock trio Toreador combine heavy rock with indie-rock sensibilities creating both vigorous and catchy tunes. They’re only one of two bands on this list we haven’t seen live but we’ve heard good things!

Best Track? Shiver & Shake

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Calum Lintott

In brief: Solo musician Calum Lintott creates energetic, powerful indie-rock tracks which are catchy and will be sure to get stuck in your head.

Best Track? Hideaway

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In brief: Alt-rock quintet DJUNO create captivating tracks which are both exhilarating and dynamic. One of the most exciting bands we were lucky enough to see this year.

Best Track? Funny Record

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