Track of the day #674: Web – Intimidation & Shame

Web - Intimidation & ShameHere’s an energy boost for the end of the week! The long-awaited and highly-anticipated return of Web is finally upon us! ‘Intimidation & Shame‘ is the second track from the Portsmouth based band and it. does. not. disappoint.

‘Intimidation & Shame’ doesn’t hang about and it’s a very concise version of what to expect from the band live. Web have pushed even more boundaries with this track than previous offering ‘RMS Titanic‘ and it’s a track which is demanding, in-your-face as well relentless. Think more organised chaos for its duration than increasingly chaotic in this case. Brutal, interlocking guitar parts build this track into the intense, fierce giant that it is. But it doesn’t end there, the outro is a jaunty headbanger that only makes you want to listen to it again. ‘Intimidation & Shame’ is a powerful track that is impossible to turn off and well worth the wait.

Speaking of the track, Kristian of the band has said: “Masculinity is the core theme of the song. It’s about that feeling of anger at yourself for having been intimidated by another person. That’s a very raw and powerful emotion, and we feel like this song really captures it.”

With Lucas adding: “It’s cathartic. A lot of the rock and punk music around right now doesn’t go as hard as it could. We love heavy music and it’s exciting to make it in a non-metal context, finding new ways to be heavy without being metallic.”

Listen to ‘Intimidation & Shame’ by Web below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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