6 Criminally Underrated Bands You Need to Hear This Week! – Part 1

New feature time! For the next 6 weeks we will be highlighting/recommending 6 of the best, but most criminally underrated bands/artists that deserve more recognition! I’m also going to be updating a weekly Spotify playlist including all the bands featured in this feature!

Find your favourite new band below!


In brief: Leeds based indie-rock band Askies are one of our favourite discoveries from the very few gigs we managed to get to this year! The band create razor-sharp, indie/alt-rock with depth.

Best Track? Subject to Change

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In brief: Following the above, we also found Mangö at one of our favourite gigs of this year! The London based band create jazzy psych-rock with a garage-rock edge.

Best Track? Demons

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Sad Palace

In brief: Gosport’s Sad Palace create nostalgia-filled, dreamy indie-pop or “supernatural groove-rock” as described by the band themselves. A favourite of ours for some time!

Best Track? Rainbow Melt

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Palma Louca

In brief: Newcastle’s Palma Louca create ambient, drifty dream-pop that’s pleasant on the ear and even their slow-burners have their epic, euphoric parts.

Best Track? Billion

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Mystic Peach

In brief: Mystic Peach are a Southampton based psych/grunge-rock trio who create intense, ferocious music that channels their ferocious live performance.

Best Track? The Eye And The Twitch

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Cat Ryan

In brief: Cat Ryan are a Newcastle based art-gaze (art-rock/modern-shoegaze) band who create wonderfully unique, feel-good, jangly tunes!

Best Track? Mannerism

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