10 Portsmouth Solo Artists You Need to be Listening to!

Portsmouth has so many brilliant solo artists and I don’t feel like I’ve ever given them the attention they deserve like bands get on here. There’s a lot of talent out there across a broad range of genres, so I decided to compile a brief list of 10 Portsmouth based solo artists that are definitely worth listening to!

This isn’t a definitive list so please be sure to suggest anyone you think I’ve missed! Enjoy!

Ban Summers

In brief: Ban Summers creates some of the most under-rated lo-fi indie-rock and his debut self-titled album is amazing!

Best track? Lost

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Crstian TR

In brief: Singer-songwriter Crstian TR writes blues-tinged, alt-rock which is powerful and tackles topics from love, life, loss and beyond.

Best track? With You

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Tom Bryan

In brief: Tom Bryan creates an exciting blend of psych, folk-rock and combines live-looping as well as beat boxing in with it to switch things up a bit!

Best track? Heavy Weather

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Megan Linford

In brief: Megan Linford is a folk-roots artist whose heartfelt music is both delicate but powerful and she takes inspiration from folk, Americana and gospel/soul.

Best track? Lessons

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Frank Fogden

In brief: Drawing inspiration from 1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Baroque Pop, Blues and beyond, Frank Fogden has made a nostalgic, familiar sound fresh.

Best track? All You’ve Got To Do

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Fast Trains

In brief: Fast Trains is the award-winning, forward-thinking, DIY audio/visual project from Tom Wells who creates slick, catchy indie-pop music!

Best track? Sea Change

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Fugitive Orchestra

In brief: A beat-boxing, live-looping wizard who creates a unique brand of bluesy hip-“pop” and is always entertaining live!

Best track? Tomahawk Caress

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Joe Johnson

In brief: Joe Johnson is a folk singer-songwriter who makes laid-back, easy-listening music good enough for any occasion or mood. He also recently signed to Mayfield Records!

Best track? The Rest Will Be Ok

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Highlights of our Modern World

In brief: Highlights of our Modern World is a musician/producer makes ambient, lo-fi beats alongside looped instrumentation which is very easy-listening.

Best track? Bruising Through Time

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In brief: Devin-Jade is a singer-songwriter who writes pleasant acoustic, indie-pop which is both fun as well as heartfelt.

Best track? Running Blind

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