Track of the day #654: Naked Giants – Take a Chance

Naked Giants - Take a ChanceSeattle’s most exciting, promising indie-rock exports Naked Giants recently returned with their latest high-energy track ‘Take a Chance‘ as well as news of their forthcoming new album! ‘Take a Chance’ is a concise, snappy track filled with plenty of sing-a-long, catchy parts and packed with riffs. It’s an incredibly fun track and danceable with even a disco-ish, funky side to it.

The new single also brought news of Naked Giants new album ‘The Shadow‘ which is set for release on 21st August!

Speaking of the album, the band have said it’s: “a much more honest album than ‘SLUFF— we’ve come to realise that the path to becoming a better person and bringing positivity into the world isn’t always linear, and there’s a lot of growth in taking an honest look at the ‘shadow-y’ parts of life. Whether it’s personal anxiety and depression or collective guilt and trauma, there’s always a part of yourself that’s hard to confront and understand. But ‘The Shadow is all about facing that darkness and having the strength to bring it into the light.”

Listen to ‘Take A Chance’ by Naked Giants below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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