Local Band of the Day: BASH!

BASH!In brief

BASH! are one of, if not the best indie-pop band from Southampton! The bands eccentric side sets them apart from the rest and they radiate fun via their catchy, lively synth-pop music. They’re certainly a band not to be missed once things get back to “normal”, although they are playing Southampton’s first “drive in” gig next week if you were lucky enough to get tickets!

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BASH! will be playing the South’s first “Drive-In” gig on 19th June in Southampton supporting Sean McGowan. It’s sold out but you can find out more info here.

The band are also set to support Calum Lintott at Southampton’s The 1865 on 15th September subject to whether venues are open again by this point. More details about this gig/tickets can be found here.

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