Track of the day #647: Kidsmoke – Layla’s Love

Kidsmoke - Layla's LoveThis easy-listening dream-pop track comes from Welsh shoegazers Kidsmoke who are set to release their new album ‘A Vision in The Dark’ next week! ‘Layla’s Love‘ is a pleasant track which is full of driven basslines, intricate melodic parts and finished off by charming harmonies. The track also has a nostalgic chorus which is good enough to sing along to.

‘Layla’s Love’ heavily reminds me of Mono Club’s sound and it definitely wouldn’t be out of place on their album ‘Sky High and Submarine‘.

Speaking of the track, Kidsmoke have said: “’Layla’s Love’ took a little longer to come together than some of our other tracks. We were being pretty ambitious with the arrangement in the studio and wanted to make sure we got it perfect, as we knew it would be worth it if we nailed it.”

Listen to ‘Layla’s Love’ by Kidsmoke below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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