Track of the day #645: Cassette Spence – Solstice

Cassette Spence - SolsticeThis track is a lot more slow-going than I normally go for, but this latest offering from Brooklyn, NY based solo artist Cassette Spence is so hypnotic, it draws you in and holds you there. ‘Solstice‘ is a lo-fi track that revolves around captivating, repetitive melodies with just the intricate sounds and vocals switching things up. The vocals on ‘Solstice’ are also incredibly charming, soothing even and it’s hard not to love this relaxing track.

‘Solstice’ is the last track taken from Cassette Spence’s debut album ‘SixSix‘.

Listen to ‘Solstice’ by Cassette Spence below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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