Track of the day #642: Suns Up – Grows

Suns Up - Grows I think this band are probably Chichester’s best kept secret? For a band that’s based not far from us, I’m not too sure how we hadn’t listened to Suns Up before! That was until we heard their latest single ‘Grows‘ and it blew us away! The track is the bands catchiest yet and it’s sure to be a top tune of the summer. ‘Grows’ is an explosion of indie pop and it’s a track that’s made to sing/dance along to.

Speaking of the track, Suns Up have said: “The song is about us being in the prime of our lives, enjoying what’s happening but deep down wanting more, questioning yourself daily but finding comfort in staying up late at night working on something you’re passionate about”

Listen to ‘Grows’ by Suns Up below and keep up with the band via the following social media links:

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