Track of the day #640: Misha Ostrov – Screen

Misha Ostrov - Screen

It’s very rare I come across a track I love on first listen and I’d become a bit disheartened with the lack of them coming along recently. However, this rut was finally broken yesterday when the debut track from Misha Ostrov landed in my inbox!

Screen‘ is an exploration of the contradictions/frustrations of using social media and the difficulty to find honesty and sincerity online. The track is full of angular guitars that saw their way straight into the heart of the track where the monotonous, spoken word-style vocal delivery takes over. ‘Screen’ fits perfectly alongside modern post-punk contemporaries such as Do Nothing, Sorry and Hallan but still has a super fresh feel to it.

There isn’t much info on Misha Ostrov otherwise, but there’s said to be an EP of similar tracks in the work, so be sure to follow him if you like the sound of this!

Listen to ‘Screen’ below and keep up with Misha Ostrov on social media via the following links:

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