4 Songs to Cut Your Hair to Over Lockdown!

In need of a haircut? Aren’t we all…

As many of us reach for our own tools to sculpt DIY barnets, there hasn’t been a shortage of bands releasing somewhat motivational haircut-related music!

So unless you’re lucky enough to be spending lockdown in the company of a hairdresser/barber, grab your scissors, shaver, clippers, shears or even a hedge-trimmer* and get cracking on your “#coronacut” (I know, I cringed too) to the following tracks!

We Are Scientists – I Cut My Own Hair

For a track that was written pre-lockdown, it’s certainly fitting during the current climate! ‘I Cut My Own Hair’ sees We Are Scientist’s first release since 2018 and it’s a sharp, snappy offering which is finished off by a super-funky bassline. Fun fact: Frontman Keith Murray was already ahead of the curve and had been cutting his own hair for years!

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Walt Disco – Cut Your Hair

Glasgow’s Walt Disco recently returned with ‘Cut Your Hair’, a turbulent track with a glam-rock edge and tinged with 80’s goodness written as “a wee fun jibe at people passing judgement to those who are just being themselves”.

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SLANT – Haircut

‘Haircut’ is the debut track from Brighton based band SLANT! It’s a track that’s witty and is so feisty that it’s captivating from the word go. Read more about the track here.

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*Mix It All Up does not recommend using shears/hedge-cutters to cut your hair and will not be held liable for anyone injuring themselves if attempting to do so!


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  • May 27, 2020 at 3:03 pm

    Loving the theme – sncmh is a catchy number!


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