Instrumental: Palatinus – Empty Spaces

Away from being a scientist and university professor of experimental psychology, Hungarian musician Palatinus creates electronic, guitar-centred progressive instrumental music. ‘Empty Spaces‘ is a track taken from his latest album ‘I’m With You On That’ which was released last month. It’s a track that’s full of bubbly, effervescent sounds that ripple and ricochet, taking over the first minute of the track in a hypnotic manner. ‘Empty Spaces’ then begins to gradually fill with brief piano melodies, sometimes powerful, sometimes delicate therefore adding intricacies to the otherwise monotonous aspects of the main instrumentation.

Speaking of the track, Palatinus has said: “It is both amazing and alarming to see empty spaces everywhere around the globe where normally humans are supposed to be”.

Regarding the above, there is a video for ‘Empty Spaces’ in the works which is a collaborative project featuring photos of empty spaces around the world.

Listen to ‘Empty Spaces’ by Palatinus below and keep up with him on social media via the following links:

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