Instrumental: Darko Richards – The Calling

Miami based electro/cinematic producer Darko Richards is back with his latest track ‘The Calling‘ taken from his latest album ‘Into Orbit’. ‘The Calling’ starts off humble but becomes more powerful with strings and epic percussion which bridges the gap between the intro and where the track really starts to build. The track strips back quickly revealing a compelling synth, melodic part that forms the basis of the track. Floaty guitar melodies and synth use add intricacies to ‘The Calling’ keeping the track afloat. Each and every time I’ve listened to this, I find it hard to believe it’s actually six minutes long because it seems a very concise listen and manages to keep interest for its entirity.

Listen to ‘The Calling’ by Darko Richards below and keep up with him on social media via the links below:

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