Instrumental: Erik Hall – Pulses

This piece of instrumental music comes from Michigan based musician and producer, Erik Hall and it’s a version of Steve Reich’s 1976 masterpiece ‘Music for 18 Musicians’. ‘Pulses‘ is a complex piece made up of single takes of individual layers with Erik Hall playing each and every part himself, the second time this has ever been attempted by anyone. ‘Pulses’ very much lives up to its name as it bumbles and buzzes its way along with each layer adding something to this somewhat unsettling, but hypnotic piece.

Speaking of his version of this piece of music, Erik Hall has said: “Of course my version would be fundamentally different. But I didn’t want the differences to be distracting or gimmicky. I wanted it to be true to the timbre and spirit of the original recording.”

Listen to ‘Pulses’ by Erik Hall below and keep up to date with him on social media via the following links:

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