Track of the day #585: Marsicans – Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)

Marsicans - Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)Leeds based quartet Marsicans have gone from strength to strength over their last couple of track releases and last week they returned with their best yet. ‘Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)‘ is the bands punchiest track and brings together everything Marsicans have done best up until now. Not hanging around, the track erupts into a riff that propels its way into the verse before the stadium sized chorus is quickly upon you. Marsicans tracks always have a certain warmth to them and that’s what makes them so charming.

Speaking of the track, Marsicans frontman James Newbigging has said: “The UK has been a particularly divided place over the past few years and this song was born out of frustration with it all. My head was (still is) overloaded by news surrounding Brexit and an impending environmental disaster. This song is me wanting everyone to chill the fuck out, stop treating other people as the enemy and just get on with actually solving the problems we’re facing.”

“‘Can I Stay Here Forever’ actually started a few years back. An earlier version was part of the live set and was actually recorded. For some reason, it never saw the light of day. Part 2 is a tip of the hat to its predecessor.”

Marsicans are set to play their first shows in the USA next month for SXSW.

Listen to ‘Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)’ by Marsicans below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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