Fresh: Neon Islands – Time

Guildford based alternative rock band Neon Islands returned a couple of weeks ago with their latest track ‘Time‘. It’s upbeat, punchy and brash with somewhat chirpy, dance-y synth-lines which keep the instrumental parts afloat. ‘Time’ also has the indie-rock sensibilities of a track that would’ve fit in perfectly around 2005 but somehow this one still manages to sound timeless.

Speaking of the track, Neon Islands have said: “‘Time’ unpacks the dangerous emotions that come with a struggling romantic relationship in current society. The strict routine of the life in the city prevents people to address their emotions with honesty and, at the end of the day, the best we can do is find shelter in superficial matters to protect ourselves from nostalgia.”

Listen to ‘Time’ By Neon Islands below and keep up with the band via the following social media links:

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