Track of the day #579: AJIMAL – Animals

London via Newcastle based multi-instrumentalist AJIMAL is back with the latest track ‘Animals‘ taken from his forthcoming album. There’s something almost haunting about the track as it builds quite modestly with mainly just vocals, atmospheric rhythms and piano for the first two minutes. Then when the strings join in they start to build ‘Animals’ into something quite unsettling (in the best way possible) with soundscapes consisting of vocal parts, bumbling synth sounds and returning motifs. It’s quite a clever piece and a track that needs listening to a few times to appreciate the tracks intricacies fully.

Speaking of the track AJIMAL has said: “I wrote ANIMALS after the Charlie Hebdo shootings took place in Paris, when there were a wave of supposedly ‘retaliatory’ xenophobic attacks on ordinary people across Europe. I think it follows a pattern of fear which manifests as hatred and violence.”

“With this song, Guy Massey and I particularly wanted to capture something really quite dark; I felt angry when I wrote it – there was an element of despair at the way we struggle to escape that inherent violence in us and the way we treat people whose circumstances and lives we don’t understand.”

Listen to ‘Animals’ by AJIMAL below and keep up with him on social media via the following links:

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