Track of the day #576: The Vices – Sly Smiled Berlin Child

The Vices - Sly Smiled Berlin Child

Dutch garage-pop band The Vices have returned early in 2020 to deliver their latest track ‘Sly Smiled Berlin Child‘. It’s an in-your-face track with a playful side, a jaunty riff or two where needed and a pleasant, even singalong chorus. The last time we heard anything by The Vices was when they released their debut track ‘So It Goes‘. An EP and another single later ‘Sly Smiled Berlin Child’ is definitely a step up for the band.

Speaking of the track, The Vices have said: “‘Sly Smiled Berlin Child’ is about how fragile the most wonderful things in life can be and about turning that fragility into beauty. Every now and then, you meet that special someone, someone who is completely different to the rest. She was a blooming, but clearly scarred, girl. She was amazing, different and creative, but damaged by life.”

Listen to ‘Sly Smiled Berlin Child’ by The Vices below and keep up to date with them on social via the following links:

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