Top 11 Instrumental Tracks of 2019!

I finally made an effort to listen to a lot more instrumental music this year, especially ambient/down-tempo/post-rock or whatever else ended up coming my way. Here are 11 of my favourite instrumental tracks that I came across 2019!

Here is a Spotify playlist featuring all of the following tracks!

A Cerulean State – The Light Dances Around Our Feet

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Japanese Television – Crocodile Dentist

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Mike Costaney – WL

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Arms That Fit Like Legs – You Will Go On My First Whistle

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Bonobo – Ibrik

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Furrer – Every Atom Is Buzzing

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Sad Turtle – He Is Risen and Appears on Toast

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Noccult – The Deep Dark

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Nik Alevizos – Genesis

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Mokhov – Dream Spectrum

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Deserto Polar – Agridoce

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