Mix It All Up’s 2019 in Review.

2019 has been crazy.

There’s been ups and downs but 2019 has been by far the best year for Mix It All Up yet and I’ve learned a lot.

I set out in January to go to as many local gigs as possible, especially ones with bands playing that I’d never heard of, yet alone listened to before. I’d 100% recommend it to anyone, see everything and anything because you don’t know what you’ll find. It’s been mind-expanding to say the least. Half of my current favourite bands are ones I’d found this year on a whim and out of the 339 live performances I saw, 174 were bands I had never seen before!

I also ended up meeting many amazing people along the way, so thank you to everyone who made 2019 possible! If I list everyone I know I’ll forget someone…

But thank you to all the bands/artists who have let me shove my camera in their faces, the promoters/PR/management/venues/etc who have granted me access to gigs, anyone who’s sent us/recommended up any music and SubmitHub/HumanHuman/Pixsy who’ve helped massively with some of the logistical stuff regarding music submissions or copyright issues.

Also a huge thank you to anyone who’s listened to me ramble on (or rant!) about local music at any point and to anyone who’s read/shared/interacted with any of my nonsense on here! Without you things wouldn’t be possible.

Going into our 4th year I’ve got plenty of stuff planned for the blog with plenty of gigs and festivals already pencilled in up until October. With how this year panned out, I’m very excited to see how things end up by this time next year. There are a few changes I’m possibly going to make to the blog, but it won’t be anything overly drastic. The blog theme desperately needs updating though…

We’re not quite done for the year yet, I’ve still got a few more posts to share. I’ve been meaning to write this for months but kept putting it off and I feel like I’ve missed a load of things, but you get the gist 🙂 I did start to list some highlights from the year but there are just far too many to mention although I might still make a list of top local gigs at some point. I got to photograph Interpol, my favourite band, this year thanks to a cool twist of fate off the back of something that happened last year so that’s probably at the top.

Once again, thank you everyone for making 2019 what it was!

Random blog stats from across 2019:

Live performances seen: 339 (174 bands who were new to me and including 9 festivals)

My most seen bands of the year: The Stone Birds (10), Hallan (7), Web (7), The New Shoes (6), Dutch Criminal Record (5) and Colour of the Jungle (5) (that list should double up as our “bands to watch out for in 2020”)

150 hours spent at the Wedgewood Rooms/Edge of the Wedge since 4th January.

49,000 minutes listening to music on Spotify in total (34 days)

17,700 minutes listening to music submissions via SubmitHub with 131,000 words worth of feedback given.

73,000 words written on the blog.

55,000 photos taken (see my favourites from 2019 here)

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