Playlist: Mix It All Up’s Best of Portsmouth Bands/Artists 2019

A few months back I found two playlists that were said to feature the “best in Portsmouth music” but both were mediocre and/or didn’t even scratch the surface regarding local music. So in response, I decided to work on an actual “best of Portsmouth” playlist which includes some absolute gems that have been released across 2019. There’s definitely something for everyone on here regardless of your music taste and hopefully you can discover something new!

This list also prompted me to think about the time when I had a conversation with someone who works for Wichita Recordings a few years back where they claimed “there’s no music scene in Portsmouth”. I’d like to think this proves very much otherwise!

This list is in no particular order and includes bands based across the PO postcode but not including the Isle of Wight. I also decided to keep the list at 26 tracks/bands so that it didn’t become overwhelming.

You can find/follow the full playlist on Spotify here!


Sad Palace – Doom Jacuzzi
The Stone Birds – The Hunted
Capital Fuzz – Colourful Remarks
Hallan – Men
Web – RMS Titanic
Colour of the Jungle – Humblebee
The New Shoes – Burning Time
Dutch Criminal Record – Fade Away
Tom Bryan – Heavy Weather
Mammalia Blue – Carpet Wardrobe
Fake Empire – Elders
Is Bliss – Can’t Sleep Forever
Number 9 – Those Summer Days
Fugitive Orchestra – Tomahawk Caress
Flowvers – She Don’t Talk About It
Drusila – Single Life
Hooli – Fresh Piece
The Pretty Visitors – High Sailing Blues
The Dusty Trims – Locked Out
Bella Estelle – Top of the World
Arcade Hearts – Y U?
Jerry Williams – Gameshow
Neverman – Too Much Waste
The Collision – Ghosts
Megan Linford – First Day of Spring
Ban Summers – Lost

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