Fresh: Iwan Gronow – Second Guess

Manchester based musician Iwan Gronow is back with his second track ‘Second Guess‘, a dark, post-punk track with a synth edge to it. In contrast to his last single ‘In The Mire‘, this track is a lot more fluid with a less hypnotic side. ‘Second Guess’ is predominantly a synth-lead track with a dancier edge and while much of the track has a certain monotony to it, the intricate guitar motifs really pick up the instrumental parts towards the end.

Speaking of the track, Iwan has said: “We live in a world controlled by content, media and data. It seems we never truly know the truth and are always second-guessing ourselves. Sometimes we second guess for too long, ‘we second-guessed a second long’ which leads to a ‘breathless feeling’ then, in turn, a ‘restless being before long’. It’s about paranoia and feeling unsettled.”

You can listen to ‘Second Guess’ by Iwan Gronow below and also follow him on social media via the following links:

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