Track of the day #565: Capital Fuzz – Colourful Remarks

Capital Fuzz - Colourful Remarks

Portsmouth’s Capital Fuzz are back with their latest track ‘Colourful Remarks‘, the first since last year’s EP ‘Mind Controller’. The track has the confidence of the band’s previous offerings but this one takes a slightly slower pace in comparison. ‘Colourful Remarks’ is packed full of heavy-hitting, sharp riffs and has a darker side to it. Probably one of the strongest Capital Fuzz tracks to date!

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “‘Colourful Remarks’ is the product of some late night jam sessions. We’d played around with little ideas for months, but one sweaty night everything finally came together.”

“It’s about people being told to “man up” and get on with things, knowing that one day they’ll eventually snap and all those suppressed feelings will be let loose. There’s even some wise words from Shakespeare thrown in!”

If you like what you hear, give the track a listen and keep up with Capital Fuzz via their social media links listed below!

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