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By far one of the Portsmouth’s best post-punk bands, Hallan have been going from strength to strength over the past year and have quickly become one of our favourite local bands. The band have released a steady stream of singles plus an EP this year and have played gigs across the south including not one, but two appearances at Southsea’s Victorious Festival. Hallan are also set to release their next single ‘Habit‘ on 29th November.

We spoke to Hallan last year but a year can change a lot of things so we decided to catch up with them again to have a more in depth chat about their latest single, their live EP, Hallanween, gigs and the future!

Hi there! Hallan recently released their latest single ‘Men’ and it’s brilliant. For anyone who’s yet to hear it, how would you describe the track?

Men‘ is a very personal track. It’s probably most known as the “slow one” in our set but it’s there for good reason. It came together in a flash and its stayed in the set ever since. All the lyrics to our tracks are based around my personal events or thoughts and men is certainly no exception. That’s not to say that other people don’t feel the same. (Conor)

You also released a live EP last month which contained some of the best tracks you’ve been playing live over the last couple of months. However, if you could only pick one, which would it be and why?

It has to be ‘Crackman‘. It’s somehow the most Hallan song ever to be written and is probably always going to be. ‘Crackman’ is one of the only original songs still standing from the older Hallan sets and its definitely not leaving any time soon. Embodying rage and focusing on the realism of our current culture, the track is always a great closer for our gigs. It’s almost became a ritual. (Conor)

Hallanween returned to the Edge of the Wedge again a few weeks back and it was a sell-out with a great lineup of local bands! How was the gig?

Hallanween this year was huge for us. A near sell out the previous year and now this year to sell out has been incredible. We can’t thank everyone enough for coming and for giving so much passion. From the people moshing to the people watching from the sides, we’re truly humbled that you believe in our music. Let’s hope Hallanween the third can make it to main Wedgewood Rooms next year. (Josh T)

You’ve also been gigging quite a bit this year in general, do you have any weird or strange stories to tell?

There is one story that springs to mind personally for me (Josh). Not the finest of nights. My car tyre blew up on the way back from a show in Brighton, this leading to three of us having to change the tyre in the pouring rain. Later to be pulled over by the police for my tyre tred. Three points and a fine later, most definitely not a night we’d like to repeat! (Josh T)

You played your first summer festival appearance with two slots at Victorious Festival this year! How was that?

Victorious was a perfect first festival appearance, it’s not often you get the opportunity to play your home festival and was a great first experience. Me and Adam also bumped into Shane Lynch backstage, safe to say he wasn’t there for the end of our set… Hope you enjoyed Shane!

In all seriousness though, we’d love to build on this first experience and play more festivals next year, many thanks to the Kings Theatre for having us! (Josh T)

Hallan were also recently announced for Icebreaker Festival 2020 which showcases some of the best upcoming bands from Portsmouth and beyond. If you could tour the world with two (or three) other bands who are playing at the festival, who would they be?

I can think of a few, that’s a good question. Fake Empire and The Stone Birds would be top of the list I’d imagine, great friends of ours and both incredible bands in their own rights. Just so happens we’re playing right before Fake Empire for Icebreaker.

Solo artist wise, James Laurence is a good friend too and a very talented one.

I’d imagine these three acts would be a great laugh on tour. Although I’d love to see a band or artist at Icebreaker that would change my mind of this line up.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming gigs and what have you got planned for the rest of 2019?

Gig wise for the rest of this year we don’t have to much too share at this moment, but who knows?

This doesn’t mean we won’t be busy. Our newest single ‘Habits’ will be coming out on the 29th of November and we’re really stoked about this one. We’ll be back in the studio soon, hoping to bring another tune out early 2020. I think this combined with Icebreaker will give us a good start in 2020. (Josh T)

We’d like to thank Hallan very much for their time! You can check out their latest single ‘Men’ below and also keep up with them on social media via the following links!

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