Track of the day #554: AJIMAL – How Could You Disappear?

AJIMAL - How Could You Disappear?

I remember first listening to AJIMAL a few years back but never really got into his music for one reason or another. However, this latest release ‘How Could You Disappear?‘ is a striking piece of peaceful electro. The shining, twinkling atmospherics alongside the warmth of the vocals makes ‘How Could You Disappear?’ quite beautiful. It’s a slow-burner that just builds and builds into a blissful, euphoric track with the static percussion and buzzy synth use here and there keeping it grounded.

Speaking of the track, AJIMAL has said: “’How Could You Disappear?’ is about memory and the idea of looking back on things that you might feel you could never forget, but which also inevitably warp and change with time. Memories are mostly lost, but they can also morph and swell into something completely different from the events that actually occurred.”

“In the same way, some seemingly banal and insignificant things can persist for a lifetime. These can have a powerful impact on our subsequent behaviours, hopes and fears, for the most part in ways that we’re totally unaware of.”

‘How Could You Disappear?’ is the second track release taken from AJIMAL’s forthcoming album ‘As It Grows Dark / Light’ which is set for release in Spring 2020.

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