Live Review: Flowvers @ the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth – 12/10/19

On Saturday evening, local indie-rock band Flowvers took to the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth for their second headline gig at the venue. We’ve been keeping an eye on the band for a while now having first seeing them at Icebreaker Festival 2018, then again at the festival this year but we hadn’t yet seen a headline gig from the band. Flowvers were supported by local favourites Dutch Criminal Record as well as solo-musician Harvey Jay Dodgson.

Kicking off the evening, Harvey Jay Dodgson brought 30 minutes of charming, acoustic indie-rock to an already considerably sized crowd at the Wedgewood Rooms. He was followed by Chichester’s Dutch Criminal Record who I kept missing live for one reason or another. Thankfully caught their upbeat, summery, even quite energetic set this time though and the band played as if they were headlining.

Preceded by an upbeat instrumental piece building up momentum for their second headline gig at the Wedgewood Rooms, Flowvers launched into their debut single ‘Fresh Air’. It’s a track that kicked everything off for the band early last year and now boasts over 260k Spotify plays. From early on in the bands set the biggest difference between this time and the last couple of times I’d seen Flowvers was the amount of confidence they’ve gained.

Ditching their more serene, indie-rock early on in the set, the band’s latest single ‘She Don’t Talk About It’ (now Radio X’s track of the week) certainly got the crowd moving early on. It’s by far the danciest, most upbeat track of their set with one of the biggest, sing-a-long choruses of the year. Mosh pits and crowd-surfers are a regular occurrence from this moment onwards!

Flowvers headline performance at the Wedgewood Rooms last weekend was definitely the most impressive I’d seen the band. Following comments I’d heard about their Victorious Festival set this year, I can hardly say I’m surprised. The next time they headline the venue, based on that performance, I’m pretty sure they’ll sell it out.

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