Track of the day #552: Himalayas – The Masquerade

It’s beHimalayas - The Masqueradeen a while since we last heard from Cardiff based rock quartet Himalayas. Their last single ‘If I Tell You’ was released last year, but in the meantime the band have been going from strength to strength on the live circuit and honing their craft. ‘The Masquerade‘ is Himalayas most certain, if not best offering to date.

The track opens with a sauntering bassline which is quickly joined by a riff and vocals which are both brash as well as packed full of energy. Lyrically, the track is a commentary on where we are as a society and a “soundtrack to Brexit”.

Himalayas are currently out on tour across the UK and will play locally at the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth on 12th November and in Southampton at Heartbreakers on 11th November.

Himalayas full UK tour dates can be found here.


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