Fresh: Iwan Gronow – In The Mire

In The Mire‘ is the debut single from Manchester via Cornwall based musician Iwan Gronow, who is best known for his work with Johnny Marr and Haven, but began writing/recording solo tracks last year. The track has an industrial monotony to it centred around a fuzzy, but certain synth riff. It’s an ear-worm though, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Speaking of the tracks themes, Iwan has said: “Well, it’s how I feel, and how I think a lot of people are feeling about the situation we are in at the moment. It also sort of hints at trying to get out of the moaning. There’s Cornish routes there as well, a mire is a bog down there. I’m trying to mix the city and the country, as that’s what I know. It hints at the good times in Cornwall, but goes into how things are today. It’s not totally negative, it tries to look at the positives too.”

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