Fresh: Gaspar Sanz – Come Home

Sydney based Gaspar Sanz recently returned with their second single of 2019, ‘Come Home‘. It’s an upbeat, garage-rock track which is tinged with frustration as well as the need to escape and has emotion poured into it from the word go. ‘Come Home’ has a certain euphoria to its chorus as well which contrasts well against the more playful vocal style in the verses.

Speaking of the track Gaspar Sanz frontman James Bell has said: “I think everyone has times where you really look at yourself and think on where you started, where you are now, and how you got there. I think I was at one of these moments when I started to write ‘Come Home'”

“I remember grabbing the guitar and just playing anything that came to me. The chorus chords and the ‘Come Home’ vocal line came out of a frustration in the moment. I remember feeling that want to escape and go back to where I know everything is ok.”

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