Let’s Take Five: An interview with The Taboos!

London based trio The Taboos were one of the first bands we saw this year back in January when they headlined the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth. Fast forward 9 months and the band recently returned with their latest single ‘No Miracles‘, a punchy, thunderous indie-rock track. Following a summer of gigging and the single release, we thought we’d catch up with The Taboos to talk the new single, gigging and the future!

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce The Taboos:

We are an indie rock back based in London, consisting of Alex (Lead vocals, guitar), Sam (Bass Guitar, Synth) and Tom (Drums and Synth). We have quite a diverse sound, ranging from slow atmospheric builders to fast paced indie. At the minute we are all living in various places around the south after finishing Uni, in Portsmouth, Reading and Suffolk, and using London as a middle ground to rehearse/ do most of our gigs.

You recently released your latest single ‘No Miracles’, a punchy, indie-rock track with pop sensibilities. Was there anything in particular that inspired the track?

The track itself is quite different to stuff we usually write as it is a lot shorter and a consistent tempo throughout. We wanted to write something that was able to hit the audience first time and something they could dance to at live shows. The lyrics are written to make the listener think about perspective.

‘No Miracles’ is basically an insight into a person struggling with the emotions of a relationship and laying their focus on the small arguments rather than the bigger picture between them. The song is a plea for the recipient to understand that all of this is worth it when they look at the ‘miracle’ of their being together as a whole.

What was the original spark that encouraged you to start creating music as a band?

Since the age of 12, Alex and Sam have written music together in each others bedrooms finding that they had a very similar taste in music. Alex learnt how to play the guitar and Sam had been writing poetry and stories from a very young age. To compliment Alex’s guitar playing Sam learnt the bass guitar and went from there. They found Tom at University have been writing and playing together since then.

You’ve been quite busy with gigs this year and we were lucky enough to catch you live in Portsmouth back in January. However, what’s the weirdest gig/tour story you have to share?

We recently went on tour in May earlier this year, very low budget and very underprepared. We had no accommodation sorted for the tour and were only willing to pay for one hotel. This meant that all 3 of us squeezed into Tom’s small fiesta with all the gear and a couple of pillows and had to sleep in the car between shows. It was a very close experience for us all.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming gigs and what have you got planned for the remainder of 2019?

We have a couple of shows already booked in for 2019 but we are looking at booking some more shows in December as well as some new music hopefully coming your way before the end of the year. So far we have a gig at the Monarch in Camden with Modern Age Music booked in on the 15th October which is very exciting, and also free entry! And finally a gig at The Werkhaus on the 7th November supporting The Gallery’s which we are all looking forward to!

We’d like to thank The Taboos very much for their time! You can catch them at the above mentioned gigs and also keep up with them on social media via the following links. The Taboos return to the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth to support China Bears on 10th October and tickets can be purchased here.

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