Track of the day #541: South of France – Comme Ça

South of France - Comme ÇaIt’s not very often that I come across a song that I love on first listen, but it happened with the latest track from Denver indie-pop band South of France.

Comme Ça‘ (so-so, for the non-French speakers among you) is the latest track from the band’s second album ‘Remember That Cool Thing We Did’ set for release in early 2020.

It’s a track with a breathtaking chorus and an energy that’s feel-good as well as explosive, if any track is going to get you through this Friday 13th, it’ll be this one! ‘Comme Ça’ is jangly and upbeat in the right places but it also has a more urgent side to it.

‘Comme Ça’ is also set to be featured on the season 6 premiere of Netflix animated series Bojack Horseman.

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