Track of the day #531: Tin Foil Astronaut – Without A Sound

Following 2018’s disco-tinged release ‘Too Slow’, Kent based multi-instrumentalist Tin Foil Astronaut is back with a somewhat more melancholic track in the shape of ‘Without A Sound‘. The piano use in the beginning of the track gives ‘Without A Sound’ a captivating, classic feel but as the track progresses, escalates it into something quite powerful. It’s a foot-tapper, something a bit different but overall a certainly strong track with longing vocals which give it a dreamy but bittersweet feel.

Speaking of the track, Tin Foil Astronaut has said: “The idea for the song came from imagining what it would feel like to be completely lost in space, and the freedom that can come from disconnecting from everything once in a while. Written on an acoustic guitar in a damp and dingy basement, the songs origin is quite a contrast to it’s theme”

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