Fresh: Someday River – So It Glows

Someday River, a Florida based art-rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Greyson Paul Charnock, return with their latest single ‘So It Glows‘. It’s a sometimes waltz-y, sometimes urgent track filled mostly with riffs and psychedelic instrumentation until the two minute mark where hypnotic vocals come in.

Speaking of the track, Someday River have said: “This song derives from a space in my mind; based on real place and perspective I’ve seen only a handful of times; usually high up in a building, surrounded by windows, overlooking the ocean. Or conversely, deep under a canopy, with life buzzing around you. You are a part of it all, and apart from it all. You are the silent observer.”

Someday River’s music has been described “psychedelic folk for aliens” and I don’t think anything else could sum their sound up better.

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