Fresh: Harry Mold – Drain

For a debut single, ‘Drain‘ is an incredibly powerful offering from London based singer-songwriter Harry Mold. With sights set high on playing to 90,000 people, the 20 year old is already writing high-energy, punchy tracks that could soon be filling stadiums. It’s got your standard indie rock/pop blueprint but ‘Drain’ is heightened by its attitude and continuous upbeat, frantic force.

Speaking of the track, Harry Mold has said: “‘Drain’ spouted directly from my feelings of frustration and almost claustrophobia of a repetitive and monotonous routine that I was stuck in. For me these feelings came from a typical 9-5 call centre job where I spent the majority of time dreaming of my actual passion. I think we’ve all been in those situations or some even are still in them at present minute, so I always saw ‘Drain’ (musically and sensually) as a huge release.”

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