Live Review: Rascalton @ the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth – 29/05/19

Wednesday evening saw Glasgow’s Rascalton headline the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth supported by local favourites The New Shoes and Hallan. Rascalton have been making waves for themselves on the Glasgow scene and beyond having released a string of punchy, attitude filled tracks over the last couple of years. The band have just released their latest single ‘Employee of the Month’ and are just about finishing up their UK tour which followed a brief stint over at SXSW a few months back.

The New Shoes are a consistently sharp local band even when they’re one member down. Smashing out a catchy, no-nonsense filled opening set including January’s ‘Little Racket’ and latest single ‘Self-Obsessed Me’, the band combine melodic tunes with a punchy, punk edge. Having seen them a few times now, there are definitely plenty of tracks which are cementing themselves as musts in their live set.

Hallan have improved dramatically over the past 8 months since I first saw them. Having swapped gimmicky props for straight-up, consistent, urgent post-punk, they’ve got a live performance with a ferocious intensity that would be hard to match. At least for the most-part anyway as there’s only one track which slows things down mid-set amongst upbeat favourites such as ‘Fish Frenzy’ and forthcoming single ‘Do You Think I’m Pretty?’. Both supports proving themselves, once again, to be ones to watch out for locally.

Before Wednesday evening I hadn’t even heard of Rascalton before, yet alone listened to them. All I knew by that point is that they were a Glasgow based punk band and it was set to be a raucous evening. The quartet brought out a plethora of concise, less than three minute long tracks filling their thirty minute set to the brim with boisterous energy including their latest single, ‘Employee of the Month’. Rascalton also became the second Glasgow band to headline the Edge of the Wedge in the month and make a quip about not being understood due to their heavy accents… I’m sure, at least I hope, that everyone understood that they had records for sale at the end of the evening!

Despite being from polar ends of the country, I’m not sure anyone would’ve guessed just quite how well the trio of bands would’ve gone down and it turned out to be a night of quality, upcoming punk bands.

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