EP Review: Sad Palace – Longbaby

The long-awaited debut EP from one of Gosport’s finest bands Sad Palace is finally here in the form of ‘Longbaby‘. Having released a string of impressive tracks over the past few years, this highly-anticipated offering is a collection of tracks the band have worked on across the past two years. Both singles already released from the EP, ‘Your Beauty Hurts’ and ‘Doom Jacuzzi’, set a high standard for what we were to expect and it certainly lived up to all expectations.

‘Longbaby’ opens with the more placid ‘Your Beauty Hurts’ which will take you on a calm, nostalgic journey. Don’t mistake its calmness for a lack of power though because it has its more urgent moments in just the right places. ‘Blue Jewel’ kicks things up a notch with kinetic, lively riffs although it ends with a 20 second danceable outro that is criminally short. The peculiarly named ‘Doom Jacuzzi’ takes on a vibe that isn’t as dark as its name suggests as it floats along quite effortlessly with its reverb-drenched melodies in tow.

A live favourite for a while and probably why it’s rained the last few times I’ve seen the band live (and also forecast for their gig this evening), ‘Hope It Rains’ opens up new possibilities for the band. ‘Hope It Rains’ has an explosive but longing energy towards the end preceded by psychedelic, instrumental interlude. The addition of the brass section throughout finishes the track off perfectly and adds something a little more unique to Sad Palace’s repertoire. Fading into a brief, glitch-style intro and finishing things up, EP namesake ‘Longbaby’ is a funky track with a somewhat disco side. Although on first listen it does drag on a little. However, once it gets to the last minute it’ll leave you wanting to listen again.

‘Longbaby’ is the culmination of exactly what Sad Palace do best combining funky, pop riffs, clever, witty lyrics and melodies with a psychedelic, breezy indie-pop edge. Its the sound of a band who have honed their craft over the past couple of years but also opens up endless possibilities for the band.

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