Album Review: Editors – The Blanck Mass Sessions

Call me old fashioned, but when it comes down to remixes and reworked tracks I normally switch off as I prefer tracks as they are. However, this collection of reworked tracks taken from Editors Violence-era recording sessions with Blanck Mass (producer Benjamin John Power) piqued my interest having enjoyed Editors 2018 album ‘Violence’. ‘The Blanck Mass Sessions‘ was initially released on vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2019 but has just been made available digitally today (3rd May).

Having listened to completely brand new track ‘Barricades’ a few weeks before hearing the rest of the reworked offerings, I had high hopes. ‘Barricades’ is a hypnotic, even clockwork track which brings something new to the table whilst showing off exactly what Editors do best. One of the few high points on the LP.

‘Cold’ kicks things off well feeling somewhat more energised and this continues somewhat into ‘Hallelujah (So Low)’ for a minute. But that’s when it all goes downhill with unnecessary, obnoxious interludes that just do not fit. The reworked verses of ‘Violence’ work but then the chorus’ just feels choked and overworked. Even ‘Magazine’, one of the most powerful tracks from ‘Violence’ just feels like its lacking something in comparison.

These reworked offerings should breathe life into the tracks but in places they’re just left sounding claustrophobic with everything being thrown at them at once. What sounded good on paper just doesn’t quite work. Baring this in mind, the album is certainly worth a listen giving more of an insight into the tracks on ‘Violence’ even if ‘The Blanck Mass Sessions’ leave a lot to be desired.

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