Instrumental: Røgsignal – nobody

nobody‘ is the latest track from Danish instrumental band Røgsignal and it’s a dreamy but in some ways anxious soundscape. This track is full of intertwining, delicate melodies that sometimes get interrupted by brief, melancholic motifs. It glistens and twists its way through its luminescent soundscape creating something with a summery warmth to it. ‘nobody’ is the last single before the release of Røgsignal’s forthcoming album ‘Bodies’ which is set for release on 10th May.

Speaking of the track, Røgsignal’s guitarist Nikolag Bugge has said: “’nobody’ was written on a remote band camp in the glow of a low-hanging summer sun. We tried to capture that vibe in the music, making something that is seemingly joyous – almost naive – but has this sort of melancholy hidden in all of it. That’s summer for us!”

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