Track of the day #494: Youth Sector – Run

Following the release of their debut single ‘Dig It and Repeat’ last year which gained praise for its gritty, art-rock sound, Brighton based Youth Sector are back with their latest offering ‘Run‘. The addition of bringing a synthesiser into the mix has energised the bands already vigorous performance with huge synth riffs alongside their usual punk-ier sound. ‘Run’ sees the band intensify their already punchy, sharp-witted sound and this catchy track is just screaming to be heard live.

Speaking of the track, Youth Sector have said: “It’s easy to be saddened and disillusioned by the divisive politics offered to us in 2019. ‘Run’ is an expression of that sadness, watching the opinions of those around us become more polarised and emphatic in their ideological opposition.”

“The lyrics almost read like a compilation of overheard conversations, reflecting how issues like religion, climate change and immigration have become simplified, sloganeering arguments between left and right. The song’s lyrics more than anything attempt to highlight the lack of any real content in debate in the media age, and the isolation caused by division.”

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