Track of the day #488: Indigo Lo – Reload

Following on from the band’s grungier release ‘I Hate The Sun’ late last year, ‘Reload‘ brings a dancier take to Hampshire based, indie-rock band Indigo Lo‘s sound. ‘Reload’ has a certain driven monotony to it which is created by its bouncy guitar lines but broken up by its insanely catchy chorus and spontaneous intricacies. The track sees Indigo Lo refine their sound into something both solid and refreshing.

Speaking of ‘Reload’, frontman and songwriter, Joe Grimshaw has said: “A rally between being ruthless, and then the realisation of what you’re doing. The two opposing sides that so many of us go through a “fuck it” moment, and then feeling guilty afterwards. I kind of envy people who can skip the second bit, who needs empathy?”

Indigo Lo are set to play the following dates up and down the country over the coming months with a promise of more gigs, as well as festivals, to be announced shortly:

28th February – The Victoria, Dalston, London

3rd April – The Purple Turtle, Reading

2nd May – Lending Room, Leeds
3rd May – Jimmy’s, Manchester
4th May – Sound City, Liverpool

12th July – 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham

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