Fresh: Fast Trains – Measure By Measure

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any new music from Kassassin Street in any capacity, but former bass player Tom Wells has zoomed off from the band to a world of his own with brand new project Fast Trains. It’s a truly DIY project which came to light just over two years ago and Wells plays pretty much all of the instruments. Collaborating with acclaimed illustrator Sam Brandon, the duo have created something truly unique with their debut track ‘Measure By Measure‘.

But ‘Measure By Measure’ isn’t just a new song, it’s also an introduction into the whole world of Fast Trains. A virtual land, ourWorld which is a world that includes strange beings, secret messages and an entire coded language. There are questions, lots of questions and what does it all mean? There’s word of a forthcoming EP from the ever-cryptic Fast Trains but for now, feast your ears on this catchy offering.

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