Album Review: White Lies – Five

White Lies erupted onto the British post-punk scene 10 years ago last week grabbing hearts with their doom-laden debut ‘To Lose My Life’. Fast forward to their fifth album, imaginatively called ‘Five‘ which is set for release on February 1st, it sees a band re-energised who have grown into their own sound. With early singles such as ‘Believe It‘ demonstrating what to expect from the rest of the album, super-catchy, arena-style choruses, depth and power, has the album lived up to expectations?

‘Five’ opens with the mammoth seven and a half minute ‘Time To Give‘ which bumbles along before finally picking up towards the two minute long mark before erupting into a carousel of hypnotic melodies. It doesn’t outstay its welcome. It’s followed by ‘Never Alone‘ which is full of the familiar, powerful melodies reminiscent of White Lies past but with more depth. Thinking of familiar, ‘Tokyo’ is ‘Morning In LA’ (from White Lies previous album ‘Friends’) counterpart. Just as chirpy, super catchy and powerful with a disco-style bassline. Probably the most upbeat White Lies track ever.

The album also has mellower parts such as ‘Finish Line‘ in which acoustic parts dominate the track and it’s quite stripped back for the most-part. Something very different to previous White Lies music in a good way. It picks up quite early on but ‘Finish Line’ is waltz-y for the most before picking up towards its heavier end. ‘Kick Me‘ carries on from the acoustic lead ‘Finish Line’ picking up the pace, but not much. It finishes up with a twinkly piano outro.

‘Five’ is chirpier in parts, reminiscent of their 2017 offering ‘Friends’ but with newer, more complex aspects without leaving the darker side which makes White Lies, White Lies. With just nine tracks, its concise side makes it a perfect gateway into White Lies for the modern music listener. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel regarding White Lies blueprint sound, it’s a combination of everything they’ve done best over the past 10 years.

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